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Anime Rant [21 Dec 2004|10:53pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

WaterhauI: My favorite is probably the second.
WaterhauI: Funny as hell.
SheIIy: My favorite turtle was always Raphael.
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Engine No. 9
WaterhauI: I like Michaelangelo. XD
WaterhauI: "All the cool ones end in o"
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: I have so many Sonic The Hedgehog tapes, too.
SheIIy: And Tailspin.
SheIIy: LOL.
WaterhauI: Which? There are three series now.
WaterhauI: For Sonic.
SheIIy: The first one.
SheIIy: Very first one.
WaterhauI: Ohh, the good one.
WaterhauI: The fox one sucked ass.
WaterhauI: Sonic X is aight
SheIIy: I am old school, nikkuh.
SheIIy: I don't like the new shit.
WaterhauI: Yeah old school > new school
SheIIy: Same goes Power Rangers.
SheIIy: My extent was the Ninja series.
SheIIy: And that was it.
SheIIy: >_>
WaterhauI: Same with everything.
SheIIy: After that space junk.
SheIIy: Um.. no.
WaterhauI: Haha.
WaterhauI: I stopped watching when Turbo came out.
SheIIy: LOL.
WaterhauI: Driving firetrucks and shit.
WaterhauI: wtf?
SheIIy: Power Rangers the movie.
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: WTF
SheIIy: The first one was better than the second.
WaterhauI: I liked the movie.
WaterhauI: I didn't bother with the second.
SheIIy: Me either.
WaterhauI: That's when turbo came out.
WaterhauI: XD
SheIIy: I saw like bits of it.
SheIIy: Yeah.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: I didn't like turbo.
WaterhauI: it sucked.
WaterhauI: I never watched since.
SheIIy: The first and second season.
SheIIy: That was it.
WaterhauI: I watched about 4 seasons.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Fireal
WaterhauI: I was a hardcore fan.
WaterhauI: Had the McDonalds toys and everything.
WaterhauI: Whut.
SheIIy: In the second movie Jason and Kim came in for a bit.
WaterhauI: Ohh, that makes it better.
SheIIy: And were attacked by puddies.
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: Still sucks though.
SheIIy: It did suck.
SheIIy: They didn't transform.
SheIIy: They just were being attacked.
WaterhauI: Hah.
WaterhauI: You know what pissed me off?
WaterhauI: That Garfield movie.
WaterhauI: They butchered him SO BAD.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: Never watched it.
WaterhauI: Me either.
WaterhauI: I was disgusted when I found out it was live action.
SheIIy: I have most of the sing along tapes.
SheIIy: O_O
WaterhauI: ......XD
WaterhauI: Man.
WaterhauI: Did you see the movie about drugs.
WaterhauI: with.
WaterhauI: Ninja Turtles.
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: No
WaterhauI: Garfield.
WaterhauI: and some other cartoons..
WaterhauI: I forget.
WaterhauI: A whole lot of them were in one movie.
WaterhauI: It was hot.
WaterhauI: We're
WaterhauI: WE'RE
WaterhauI: ready
WaterhauI: READY
WaterhauI: 2
WaterhauI: 2
WaterhauI: We're ready to party, we're ready.
WaterhauI: LETS GO
WaterhauI: I hope you bring lots of spaghetti.
WaterhauI: XD
SheIIy: Wtf? playing: 562. Orbital - Haclyon On & On [Prodigy Remix]
SheIIy: Oh God.
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: Heard of it.
WaterhauI: Never watched though.
SheIIy: I'd watch that every morning.
WaterhauI: I tell ya though.
WaterhauI: Biker Mice From Mars = hot
SheIIy: And I'd wake up just to watch the Sonic show too.
WaterhauI: I used to wake up for Ronin Warriors and Sailormoon.
SheIIy: I'd wake up for Sailor Moon.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: The one at 7.
WaterhauI: Chaaa.
WaterhauI: It was my first anime.
SheIIy: I miss Sailor Moon.
WaterhauI: From my understanding, the translation horribly butchers the story.
WaterhauI: So I stopped watching.
WaterhauI: I got pissed off when the voices changed too.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: I know.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Fist
SheIIy: I think it was SuperS.
SheIIy: Different voices.
WaterhauI: Yeah.
WaterhauI: I stopped watching after that.
SheIIy: I watched it anyway.
SheIIy: e_e
WaterhauI: o_o??
WaterhauI: The lesbos?
SheIIy: And they still SHOWED that episode of them messing with their hands.
WaterhauI: I don't remember.
SheIIy: Like.. holding hands and stuff.
SheIIy: They played that nice song.
WaterhauI: Ah.
SheIIy: Yeah, in the show.
SheIIy: They were "cousins."
WaterhauI: Lmfao. Ohhh.
WaterhauI: Bullshit.
SheIIy: And this is why they couldn't put Stars out there.
SheIIy: Cuz if they tried to mess with that shit.
SheIIy: They'd fuck up the whole thing.
WaterhauI: -shakes head-
SheIIy: Especially with the nudity of her transforming into an angel.
SheIIy: All that good stuff.
WaterhauI: Oh good.
WaterhauI: god*
WaterhauI: That's for nerdy hopeless boys.
WaterhauI: e_e
WaterhauI: I hated when they showed all that cleavage and shit.
SheIIy: Then they tried to air Evangelion.
WaterhauI: I have that series.
WaterhauI: Never watched it all.
SheIIy: Don't even try to fuck with that anime.
SheIIy: They only showed a week of episodes.
WaterhauI: pause
WaterhauI: paused: Deftones - Fist
SheIIy: They stopped after that.
SheIIy: Religion, kids with mental issues..
SheIIy: A lot of blood.
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: The End of Evangelion.. people walked out on that movie in Japan.
WaterhauI: .......o_o;
WaterhauI: It's that bad?
SheIIy: Not bad as in.. it sucked.
SheIIy: Very graphic.
WaterhauI: Oh.
SheIIy: If my mom saw me watching that she'd be like.. "What are you watching?!"
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: Lmfao.
WaterhauI: I went on an anime spree earlier in the summer.
WaterhauI: I used to watch nothin' but anime all day when I wasn't busy with work.
SheIIy: 2002 was my last anime spree.
WaterhauI: I stopped cold turkey after a month I think.
WaterhauI: Right in the middle of Star Ocean.
WaterhauI: I need to watch the rest of that show
SheIIy: DLed all of Evangelion including movies and same goes for Love Hina and the specials.
SheIIy: Saw some of Love Hina Again.
WaterhauI: Love Hina was the beginning of my spree. n_n
WaterhauI: I saw it all in three days.
WaterhauI: I was hooked.
SheIIy: DLed some of Saber Marionette J.
WaterhauI: Never saw.
SheIIy: - Sigh. -
WaterhauI: o_o''
SheIIy: I want the Love Hina Perfect Collection boxset.
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: Lmao.
WaterhauI: I wouldn't mind it myself.
SheIIy: 90 bucks.
SheIIy: O_O
WaterhauI: ....that's it?
SheIIy: Yup.
WaterhauI: For EVERYTHING?
SheIIy: Yup.
SheIIy: Including Specials.
WaterhauI: Pfft, that's a steal.
WaterhauI: Ranma box sets are like 120 per season.
WaterhauI: I love Ranma though.
WaterhauI: Baka song > all
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: I used to have that song!
WaterhauI: XD
WaterhauI: I LOVE THAT.
SheIIy: I have it burned on a CD.
WaterhauI: roflrofl.
SheIIy: When Napster was still around.
SheIIy: I burned A LOT of anime songs.
SheIIy: Wtf? playing: 606. Sailor Moon - Michiru's Violin Solo
WaterhauI: Haha.
WaterhauI: I was just getting into anime at that time.
WaterhauI: I had a bunch of DB songs.
SheIIy: Hm..
WaterhauI: Before it got trendy.
WaterhauI: e_e
SheIIy: Ranma 1/2 OVA Boxset.
SheIIy: 77.99
WaterhauI: I have that.
WaterhauI: n_n
WaterhauI: I only paid like 20 for it though.
SheIIy: All the other boxsets are the same price, too.
WaterhauI: Ebay <3
WaterhauI: WTF?
WaterhauI: MAN.
WaterhauI: F SUNCOAST.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: Season 3 and 4.
SheIIy: Same price.
SheIIy: LOL.
WaterhauI: E_E
WaterhauI: I've seen up to season 3.
WaterhauI: I might just DL it all or order VCDs.
WaterhauI: Don't know.
SheIIy: Digital Dojo boxset.
SheIIy: Same price.
WaterhauI: I paid 120 for that. u_u
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: Well, not really.
WaterhauI: Employee discount.
WaterhauI: BUT STILL.
WaterhauI: I could've saved more money.
WaterhauI: unpase
WaterhauI: unpause
WaterhauI: unpaused: Deftones - Fist
SheIIy: Wtf? playing: 599. Sailor Moon - Carry On
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Lifter
SheIIy: I REALLY REALLY want the Stars season.
WaterhauI: How much is it?
SheIIy: Hmm uh..
SheIIy: I don't know.
SheIIy: I can't tell which one is real.
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: Lmfao.
WaterhauI: I have Final Fantasy Unlimited.
WaterhauI: It's kinda boring.
WaterhauI: Pretty to look at though.
SheIIy: AH ha.
SheIIy: 51 dollars.
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: Not bad at all.
SheIIy: ;.;
WaterhauI: o_o;
SheIIy: eBay item 6351787128 (Ends Dec-25-04 20:10:49 PST) - ~Sailormoon STARS DVD boxset Sailor Moon FINAL SEASON~ (Keyword to:
WaterhauI: I might go back and get that entire series.
WaterhauI: Lol
SheIIy: Wtf? playing: 602. Sailor Moon - Kirari Sailor Dream
SheIIy: Why are the damn Season 1 and Season 2 so expensive?
SheIIy: e_e
SheIIy: 150 bucks.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Minus Blindfold
WaterhauI: Highly sought after probably.
WaterhauI: When it's in demand, you can do that.
WaterhauI: Lol
SheIIy: I know. <<
SheIIy: Ugh. I want it so bad.
SheIIy: Lacey got hers for 40 bucks at a comic book store.
WaterhauI: WTF?
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: Yeah.
SheIIy: I was like.. "O_O GET ME ONE."
WaterhauI: She charmed the cashier, wtf.
WaterhauI: Ain't no way.
SheIIy: Old white dude: Ooo. She pretty Japanese girl. - Sells for 40. -
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: LOL.
SheIIy: 110 bucks less than it's original price.
WaterhauI: I know right.
WaterhauI: wtf.
SheIIy: Wtf man.
WaterhauI: ?
SheIIy: Retail price on this Sailor Moon CD set 6 CDS.
SheIIy: For 100 dollars.
SheIIy: At the anime convention..
WaterhauI: o_o ALL the music?
SheIIy: It was 60.
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: No.
SheIIy: For Stars.
SheIIy: I think.
WaterhauI: There's a DB universe set that came out last year.
WaterhauI: 12 fucking discs.
WaterhauI: maybe mor.
WaterhauI: e
WaterhauI: Has every song that ever appeared in a movie or episode though.
SheIIy: There needs to be another anime convention.
SheIIy: So I can go shopping for stuff.
WaterhauI: Gundam Wing has 23498234 different albums. e_e;
SheIIy: I have Love Hina cards.
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: I've never been to one.
WaterhauI: Lol.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Nosebleed
SheIIy: Discount Anime - Domestic Anime DVD >> Love Hina >> Love Hina Perfect Collection DVD Set (Keyword to:
SheIIy: Wtf is this Evangelion Platinum Edition?
WaterhauI: No idea.
SheIIy: I want the Evangelion domestic boxset.
WaterhauI: You want all the damn box sets.
SheIIy: 8 DVDs and the 2 movies.
SheIIy: O_O
WaterhauI: Holy shit.
WaterhauI: How much?
SheIIy: 137.90
WaterhauI: Ahh.
WaterhauI: I guess that's normal.
WaterhauI: Kinda high still. e_e;
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: It's less than the SM.
WaterhauI: Lol Yeah.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - One Weak

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[31 Jul 2004|04:56am]
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[29 Jun 2004|12:36am]

[ mood | crazy ]

word, i'm the third person to post here at AF. this is gwen the only gwen most of you people know so no need for me to put my AOL screen name. i'm thinking of paying the five dollars for this journal, even though mines not even paid. <_< we will see. anyways, i'm bouncin'

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[28 Jun 2004|06:56pm]

yo, i am the second person to post in here. this is amanda, aka SEXUALLY. im still setting up and shit, and since i'm poor, this journal cannot be a paid account, and because of that, this journal will have no pretty custom styles, unless you really want to pay $5 for it.. >_>..

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ANIME FREELANCE!!! [28 Jun 2004|06:35pm]

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AHAHA. I'll be the first one posting in this biatch. KEKE. The only Shelly in the damn chat and always will be the only one in the AF group. Welcome to Anime Freelance. :D

-- Shelly [AzN Squad. Hur hur.]

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