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Anime Rant

WaterhauI: My favorite is probably the second.
WaterhauI: Funny as hell.
SheIIy: My favorite turtle was always Raphael.
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Engine No. 9
WaterhauI: I like Michaelangelo. XD
WaterhauI: "All the cool ones end in o"
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: I have so many Sonic The Hedgehog tapes, too.
SheIIy: And Tailspin.
SheIIy: LOL.
WaterhauI: Which? There are three series now.
WaterhauI: For Sonic.
SheIIy: The first one.
SheIIy: Very first one.
WaterhauI: Ohh, the good one.
WaterhauI: The fox one sucked ass.
WaterhauI: Sonic X is aight
SheIIy: I am old school, nikkuh.
SheIIy: I don't like the new shit.
WaterhauI: Yeah old school > new school
SheIIy: Same goes Power Rangers.
SheIIy: My extent was the Ninja series.
SheIIy: And that was it.
SheIIy: >_>
WaterhauI: Same with everything.
SheIIy: After that space junk.
SheIIy: Um.. no.
WaterhauI: Haha.
WaterhauI: I stopped watching when Turbo came out.
SheIIy: LOL.
WaterhauI: Driving firetrucks and shit.
WaterhauI: wtf?
SheIIy: Power Rangers the movie.
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: WTF
SheIIy: The first one was better than the second.
WaterhauI: I liked the movie.
WaterhauI: I didn't bother with the second.
SheIIy: Me either.
WaterhauI: That's when turbo came out.
WaterhauI: XD
SheIIy: I saw like bits of it.
SheIIy: Yeah.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: I didn't like turbo.
WaterhauI: it sucked.
WaterhauI: I never watched since.
SheIIy: The first and second season.
SheIIy: That was it.
WaterhauI: I watched about 4 seasons.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Fireal
WaterhauI: I was a hardcore fan.
WaterhauI: Had the McDonalds toys and everything.
WaterhauI: Whut.
SheIIy: In the second movie Jason and Kim came in for a bit.
WaterhauI: Ohh, that makes it better.
SheIIy: And were attacked by puddies.
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: Still sucks though.
SheIIy: It did suck.
SheIIy: They didn't transform.
SheIIy: They just were being attacked.
WaterhauI: Hah.
WaterhauI: You know what pissed me off?
WaterhauI: That Garfield movie.
WaterhauI: They butchered him SO BAD.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: Never watched it.
WaterhauI: Me either.
WaterhauI: I was disgusted when I found out it was live action.
SheIIy: I have most of the sing along tapes.
SheIIy: O_O
WaterhauI: ......XD
WaterhauI: Man.
WaterhauI: Did you see the movie about drugs.
WaterhauI: with.
WaterhauI: Ninja Turtles.
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: No
WaterhauI: Garfield.
WaterhauI: and some other cartoons..
WaterhauI: I forget.
WaterhauI: A whole lot of them were in one movie.
WaterhauI: It was hot.
WaterhauI: We're
WaterhauI: WE'RE
WaterhauI: ready
WaterhauI: READY
WaterhauI: 2
WaterhauI: 2
WaterhauI: We're ready to party, we're ready.
WaterhauI: LETS GO
WaterhauI: I hope you bring lots of spaghetti.
WaterhauI: XD
SheIIy: Wtf? playing: 562. Orbital - Haclyon On & On [Prodigy Remix]
SheIIy: Oh God.
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: Heard of it.
WaterhauI: Never watched though.
SheIIy: I'd watch that every morning.
WaterhauI: I tell ya though.
WaterhauI: Biker Mice From Mars = hot
SheIIy: And I'd wake up just to watch the Sonic show too.
WaterhauI: I used to wake up for Ronin Warriors and Sailormoon.
SheIIy: I'd wake up for Sailor Moon.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: The one at 7.
WaterhauI: Chaaa.
WaterhauI: It was my first anime.
SheIIy: I miss Sailor Moon.
WaterhauI: From my understanding, the translation horribly butchers the story.
WaterhauI: So I stopped watching.
WaterhauI: I got pissed off when the voices changed too.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: I know.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Fist
SheIIy: I think it was SuperS.
SheIIy: Different voices.
WaterhauI: Yeah.
WaterhauI: I stopped watching after that.
SheIIy: I watched it anyway.
SheIIy: e_e
WaterhauI: o_o??
WaterhauI: The lesbos?
SheIIy: And they still SHOWED that episode of them messing with their hands.
WaterhauI: I don't remember.
SheIIy: Like.. holding hands and stuff.
SheIIy: They played that nice song.
WaterhauI: Ah.
SheIIy: Yeah, in the show.
SheIIy: They were "cousins."
WaterhauI: Lmfao. Ohhh.
WaterhauI: Bullshit.
SheIIy: And this is why they couldn't put Stars out there.
SheIIy: Cuz if they tried to mess with that shit.
SheIIy: They'd fuck up the whole thing.
WaterhauI: -shakes head-
SheIIy: Especially with the nudity of her transforming into an angel.
SheIIy: All that good stuff.
WaterhauI: Oh good.
WaterhauI: god*
WaterhauI: That's for nerdy hopeless boys.
WaterhauI: e_e
WaterhauI: I hated when they showed all that cleavage and shit.
SheIIy: Then they tried to air Evangelion.
WaterhauI: I have that series.
WaterhauI: Never watched it all.
SheIIy: Don't even try to fuck with that anime.
SheIIy: They only showed a week of episodes.
WaterhauI: pause
WaterhauI: paused: Deftones - Fist
SheIIy: They stopped after that.
SheIIy: Religion, kids with mental issues..
SheIIy: A lot of blood.
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: The End of Evangelion.. people walked out on that movie in Japan.
WaterhauI: .......o_o;
WaterhauI: It's that bad?
SheIIy: Not bad as in.. it sucked.
SheIIy: Very graphic.
WaterhauI: Oh.
SheIIy: If my mom saw me watching that she'd be like.. "What are you watching?!"
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: Lmfao.
WaterhauI: I went on an anime spree earlier in the summer.
WaterhauI: I used to watch nothin' but anime all day when I wasn't busy with work.
SheIIy: 2002 was my last anime spree.
WaterhauI: I stopped cold turkey after a month I think.
WaterhauI: Right in the middle of Star Ocean.
WaterhauI: I need to watch the rest of that show
SheIIy: DLed all of Evangelion including movies and same goes for Love Hina and the specials.
SheIIy: Saw some of Love Hina Again.
WaterhauI: Love Hina was the beginning of my spree. n_n
WaterhauI: I saw it all in three days.
WaterhauI: I was hooked.
SheIIy: DLed some of Saber Marionette J.
WaterhauI: Never saw.
SheIIy: - Sigh. -
WaterhauI: o_o''
SheIIy: I want the Love Hina Perfect Collection boxset.
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: Lmao.
WaterhauI: I wouldn't mind it myself.
SheIIy: 90 bucks.
SheIIy: O_O
WaterhauI: ....that's it?
SheIIy: Yup.
WaterhauI: For EVERYTHING?
SheIIy: Yup.
SheIIy: Including Specials.
WaterhauI: Pfft, that's a steal.
WaterhauI: Ranma box sets are like 120 per season.
WaterhauI: I love Ranma though.
WaterhauI: Baka song > all
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: I used to have that song!
WaterhauI: XD
WaterhauI: I LOVE THAT.
SheIIy: I have it burned on a CD.
WaterhauI: roflrofl.
SheIIy: When Napster was still around.
SheIIy: I burned A LOT of anime songs.
SheIIy: Wtf? playing: 606. Sailor Moon - Michiru's Violin Solo
WaterhauI: Haha.
WaterhauI: I was just getting into anime at that time.
WaterhauI: I had a bunch of DB songs.
SheIIy: Hm..
WaterhauI: Before it got trendy.
WaterhauI: e_e
SheIIy: Ranma 1/2 OVA Boxset.
SheIIy: 77.99
WaterhauI: I have that.
WaterhauI: n_n
WaterhauI: I only paid like 20 for it though.
SheIIy: All the other boxsets are the same price, too.
WaterhauI: Ebay <3
WaterhauI: WTF?
WaterhauI: MAN.
WaterhauI: F SUNCOAST.
SheIIy: LOL.
SheIIy: Season 3 and 4.
SheIIy: Same price.
SheIIy: LOL.
WaterhauI: E_E
WaterhauI: I've seen up to season 3.
WaterhauI: I might just DL it all or order VCDs.
WaterhauI: Don't know.
SheIIy: Digital Dojo boxset.
SheIIy: Same price.
WaterhauI: I paid 120 for that. u_u
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: Well, not really.
WaterhauI: Employee discount.
WaterhauI: BUT STILL.
WaterhauI: I could've saved more money.
WaterhauI: unpase
WaterhauI: unpause
WaterhauI: unpaused: Deftones - Fist
SheIIy: Wtf? playing: 599. Sailor Moon - Carry On
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Lifter
SheIIy: I REALLY REALLY want the Stars season.
WaterhauI: How much is it?
SheIIy: Hmm uh..
SheIIy: I don't know.
SheIIy: I can't tell which one is real.
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: Lmfao.
WaterhauI: I have Final Fantasy Unlimited.
WaterhauI: It's kinda boring.
WaterhauI: Pretty to look at though.
SheIIy: AH ha.
SheIIy: 51 dollars.
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: Not bad at all.
SheIIy: ;.;
WaterhauI: o_o;
SheIIy: eBay item 6351787128 (Ends Dec-25-04 20:10:49 PST) - ~Sailormoon STARS DVD boxset Sailor Moon FINAL SEASON~ (Keyword to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=617&item=6351787128&rd=1)
WaterhauI: I might go back and get that entire series.
WaterhauI: Lol
SheIIy: Wtf? playing: 602. Sailor Moon - Kirari Sailor Dream
SheIIy: Why are the damn Season 1 and Season 2 so expensive?
SheIIy: e_e
SheIIy: 150 bucks.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Minus Blindfold
WaterhauI: Highly sought after probably.
WaterhauI: When it's in demand, you can do that.
WaterhauI: Lol
SheIIy: I know. <<
SheIIy: Ugh. I want it so bad.
SheIIy: Lacey got hers for 40 bucks at a comic book store.
WaterhauI: WTF?
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: Yeah.
SheIIy: I was like.. "O_O GET ME ONE."
WaterhauI: She charmed the cashier, wtf.
WaterhauI: Ain't no way.
SheIIy: Old white dude: Ooo. She pretty Japanese girl. - Sells for 40. -
SheIIy: >>
WaterhauI: LOL.
SheIIy: 110 bucks less than it's original price.
WaterhauI: I know right.
WaterhauI: wtf.
SheIIy: Wtf man.
WaterhauI: ?
SheIIy: Retail price on this Sailor Moon CD set 6 CDS.
SheIIy: For 100 dollars.
SheIIy: At the anime convention..
WaterhauI: o_o ALL the music?
SheIIy: It was 60.
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: No.
SheIIy: For Stars.
SheIIy: I think.
WaterhauI: There's a DB universe set that came out last year.
WaterhauI: 12 fucking discs.
WaterhauI: maybe mor.
WaterhauI: e
WaterhauI: Has every song that ever appeared in a movie or episode though.
SheIIy: There needs to be another anime convention.
SheIIy: So I can go shopping for stuff.
WaterhauI: Gundam Wing has 23498234 different albums. e_e;
SheIIy: I have Love Hina cards.
SheIIy: XD
WaterhauI: I've never been to one.
WaterhauI: Lol.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - Nosebleed
SheIIy: Discount Anime DVD.com - Domestic Anime DVD >> Love Hina >> Love Hina Perfect Collection DVD Set (Keyword to: http://www.discountanimedvd.com/detail.asp?dvdno=12072)
SheIIy: Wtf is this Evangelion Platinum Edition?
WaterhauI: No idea.
SheIIy: I want the Evangelion domestic boxset.
WaterhauI: You want all the damn box sets.
SheIIy: 8 DVDs and the 2 movies.
SheIIy: O_O
WaterhauI: Holy shit.
WaterhauI: How much?
SheIIy: 137.90
WaterhauI: Ahh.
WaterhauI: I guess that's normal.
WaterhauI: Kinda high still. e_e;
SheIIy: >>
SheIIy: It's less than the SM.
WaterhauI: Lol Yeah.
WaterhauI: continuous: Deftones - One Weak
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